Sunday, January 1, 2012

Winter story :) --- Kidz N Cats by Sonja Hartmann and bjd dolls.

Once upon a time, it was winter and the forest was covered with a light snow and nearing the Christmas holiday. A family of bunnies were in search of a new and larger home due to there growing family. It was getting late when the family came upon a tree that had the shape and beauty of a christmas tree. They decided to sleep under this tree for the night.

The next morning the mother and father bunnies awoke and immediately fear came upon them when they noticed that their children were missing. They looked and looked but no where could they find the them. They began asking others in the area if they had seen their two children.

At this time the king's jester was walking through the forest and saw bunnies with their teary eyed faces.
What happened, he asked?

Mama Bunny explained the situation and how she suddenly remembered seeing  a monster sleeping under the Christmas tree yesterday. She had fearfull thoughts that monster had taken her small children. Both parents wept bitterly.

Oh, I just saw two bunnies on a large tree climbering, said the Jester
Mama and father bunnies ran back and saw their children up on the tree.

They were all so happy. The jester hurried to the castle to tell about the occurance and invited the Princess to visit with the bunnies for a celebration.

They all gathered and sat down for a joy filled tea party :)


  1. did you make all their lovely outfits? Such a fun story too - it all ended well, especially with a feast.

  2. Thank you so much.
    Yep, I made all myself.
    I really enjoy making cloth for my dolls:)

  3. I really enjoyed reading this story again! Very sweet! I love the outfits!

  4. Delightful, with the most wonderful outfits indeed.

  5. Thank you for such nice comments.

  6. The wonderful, magic book with fine illustrations,wonderful story!

  7. Larachaika Lara Thank you very much!


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