Saturday, October 13, 2012

Girls go outside :)


  1. Hello from Spain: your doll collection never ceases to surprise. All your girls are so adorable. I love the jackets they are wearing. All little baskets and flowers are gorgeous. Thanks for answering my question. I already imagined that these dolls are only sold in America. In my country there are none for sale. Keep in touch

  2. hello
    lovely doll, very odobajÄ… me from them clothes - hats, boots and jackets.
    You came pretty pictures, they are very interesting and unusual.
    Jk look at flowers to miss spring
    I greet the Polish;-))
    I invite you to my blog puppet

  3. Marta -Thank you so much :) :) :)

  4. lonely heart - Hi nice to see you in my blog .
    Thank you for such a nice comment and invitation to your blog:) :) :)


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