Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas !!!!!

Finally ,I have finished outfits for all of my bjd dolls family .
I started last year making the outfits for them .
But I have been so busy sewing for American girl dolls ))))))))


  1. Absolutely fabulous clothes and dolls and scenes, they all look so glamorous.

  2. Hello from Spain: congratulations on sewing as well. Your clothes are gorgeous. I really like these pictures. Your dolls are very stylish. I love your dolls but I prefer your collection of American girls ... Happy Year!. Keep in touch

  3. hi
    beautiful Christmas photo
    you can see that the dolls are satisfied and happy.
    Because of the successful Christmas moments.

    all wonderfully decorated
    I greet the Polish

  4. Serenata -Thank you so much))))))))))))))

  5. Hello Marta.
    Thank you, Yes, I love my American girls dolls and thoroughly enjoy making outfits for them almost on a daily basis. However, My first love was and continues to be my ball jointed dolls.

  6. Hello lonely heart.
    Thank you so much. I like to set up and photograph my dolls in a realistic type setting. I just love to try to bring life to the dolls in my photographs.


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