Monday, September 9, 2013

Hoodies for kids :) :) :)


  1. Hello from Spain: I love your collection of dolls and clothes. These hoodies are perfect for playing in the park. The photos are very real. Glad to follow your creations. Awesome job. Keep in touch

  2. What a gang! Very nice sewing especially with all those hoodie zippers.

  3. Fabulous hoodies! Would love to know where you get your zippers from.

  4. Marta- Thank you so much for such a Nice comment about my dolls and my creations :) :) :)

  5. Meg -Thank you .I love my boys .
    I even the thinking about AG boy .

  6. Serenata - Thank you.
    I bought zippers at Joann fabrics store.
    So bad it ts a 30 min drive from our place but same time I like that they are distance
    because I would probably go there every day.
    I buy so often there that the employees know me and about my dolls clothes.
    Separating zippers aren't cheap .
    Short cost $2.30 and long $3.50
    I glad to buy all for $2.30 but they did'n have all the colors I need.

    1. Tanks for letting me know. We don't have a Joann's here and unfortunately small open ended zippers are virtually impossible to buy unless you want to order from a wholesaler in batches of 100! Single colour only.

  7. Serenata - After I bought several separating gray zippers from Joann fabric store and paid $3.50 each for them, I started to think about finding a cheaper way to buy them.
    And I found a store from New York on Ebay .
    Of course their zippers are not doll size and I shortened them by sewing the
    Maybe you can order zippers from Ebay although I don't know if they will ship overseas or not but I think they may.


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