Sunday, October 6, 2013

Making boots for dolls.

My way of making boots for dolls is time consuming and take  patience.
I like to make them with soft suede or leather.
Also I like to layer the upper foot portion for a better shape and appearance .
This time for soles  I use hard cowhide leather.


  1. Hi, it's Meg. Thank you for this post, I studied the pictures and I see now how the boots are made. I see you put paper under your material when sewing the Velcro. A lot of work, Larisa. It would take me hours. The boots look so real. You are very good at making them. They will make any outfit special.

  2. Hello from Spain: wonderful idea. Great job. Keep in touch

  3. Meg- Thank you :)
    Like I mentioned before , it takes me several hours to make these boots.
    They aren't easy to make .

  4. Marta- Thank you very much :)


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