Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kidz n cats girl jacket.

When I made my first coat my husband likes how it turned out.
However the next  morning I realized that I had put the buttons hole on the wrong side.
This making it a girls coat :)
Yesterday  I made shoes and dress to wear with this jacket.



  1. Великолепные наряды!

  2. Oh my goodness Larisa, I'd wear that coat! I find it difficult to make shoes because I can't seem to cut the craft foam soles neatly. As hard as I try with scissors the edge angles in or out and I don't get a smooth straight cut. Can you give me any advice? Just wonderin'. I love everything you make.

  3. Larachaika Lara- Thank you so much :)

  4. Meg- Thank you very much for such a nice comment.
    I always use sandpaper for soles .
    Yes it not easy make smooth edges with scissors .
    Also you can see on youtube many video lessons .

    1. Sandpaper for soles? Good idea. Thank you for the links. Maybe after Christmas I will practice, when I am not so busy. Now I am sewing for holiday craft fairs. I just do it because I enjoy sewing all day by myself, not so much selling. But I make too much stuff and people seem to like it. My daughter, she's 44 years, likes all the excitement and very outgoing and that helps me. I'm quiet.

  5. Hi Meg , I hope your sale did good yesterday. I'm sorry I am late responding back to you. I've been busy on the sewing machine as well. Your daughter is only a couple years older than me and I am happy that their are others my age that enjoy what we do.


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